About Michael Bowman...

Thank you for visiting my website. I'm what you would probably call an advanced hobbyist photographer. Good enough to get good shots, good enough to make people say "Wow" occasionally, and good enough to have family and friends asking me to do photo shoots for them.

I don't have a formal photography or art background and I am completely self-taught. A voracious reader, upon receiving my first digital camera (a Nikon Cool-Pix xxx) I immediately began reading books about how digital cameras worked. Not just how to turn the dial to switch from P mode to aperture priority, but how the sensors worked and how different technologies and the software inside the cameras allowed them to produce great looking pictures -- assuming I did in fact turn that dial to the right setting!

By approaching photography in much the same way you would approach something like, I don't know, maybe computer programming, I got pretty good at making pictures if I could think it through prior to pressing the shutter button. After many years of practice, I'm finally getting that other half of my brain into the game so that I'm not looking at a raw file on my laptop and lamenting that only if I'd done this or done that differently... And speaking of the other half of my brain, I want to thank my wife Nadene for helping me see things in a scene that my analytical side would ordinarily miss.

As you browse through the site, I hope you see pictures that you like , that make you smile, and maybe even inspire you. I promise I'm trying my hardest to embed all three of those traits into every picture I take.

Thank you for stopping by!


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